take root.
cultivate change.

we are working to enhance our communities through education, sustenance, and sustainability


what we know.

1.2 billion of the earth's people live in poverty and poor health and lack of food, water, and income are the main reasons for this.

what we believe.

we believe that collaborative partnerships and education are paramount and we realize that we are collectively co-creating what we hope for ourselves and the earth.

what we can do.

We aim to bring income-generating resources and technology as well as nourishment to underserved communities so that they may thrive for generations to come. This is not an easy goal but we are up to the challenge! That is why we need YOUR help. Find out how.


sacred seeds envisions a world in which all communities are nourished, educated, and economically self-sufficient. 

With the proper skills and tools, a community can have an everlasting positive impact on their own and the world around them. We believe that we can spark and maintain this change by identifying the strengths and needs of the youth in respective communities, and work together to maximize their overall potential. We hope to sow the seeds of change so that present and future generations can reap the benefits and learn to make their own decisions while promoting the perpetual growth and self-sustainability of their individuals and communities as a whole.