Sacred Seeds has three main goals:


Through the process, we will provide highly interactive education on the importance of nutrition as well as all skills and knowledge necessary to maintain these structures and how to cultivate how these communities can cultivate the necessary crops to ensure that their communities thrive


We identify the needs of the youth in specific areas, then we construct self-sustainable greenhouses that then will produce the necessary fruits and vegetables that are rich in the nutrients that are essential to health and vitality of those communities


By promoting self-sustainability, these communities can learn to be dependent on themselves. The youth will learn how to be self-sufficient and co-exist with their natural environment. The true beauty of the youth having access to these skills and knowledge is in the opportunity for them to pass them on to future generations!

To do our part, we plan to pinpoint underserved areas near and far and construct 100% self-sustainable greenhouses. Once constructed, we will use aquaponic/hydroponic agricultural methods to grow 100% organic fruits and vegetables that provide the necessary nutrients that coincide with the needs of the youth in those specific communities.