Earth is a place of freedom and unity. Not a field of useful life force to be milked of its very essence.
-Andrew Bartsiz

Expanding consciousness and servicing others has allowed me to attain internal happiness and fulfillment. I'm striving to maximize the potential of me, my family, and all humanity and I'm having lots of fun doing it.

  • Studied Sports Management at James Madison University

  • Professional soccer player

  • MLS and Open Cup Champion

  • 2011 MLS "Rookie of the Year"

Phone: 816-878-0907


Strategy & Operations Officer

Cameron has over seven years providing corporate clients professional services in risk management, business process documentation, business process improvement, control testing, training development, project planning, project management, and project execution.  He strives to leverage his corporate experience to identify and drive strategic opportunities for Sacred Seeds Inc. to maximize it’s outreach and impact on the community.

Phone: 703-801-2008



The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.  – Coretta Scott King

Peter has over six years of experience within the publishing industry specializing in client relations and account management.  He aims to utilize his professional experience to manage communication and organize opportunities for Sacred Seeds Inc.

Phone: 571-264-5437


Steven Barbour

Steven has over 5 years of extensive experience in providing IT consulting for Health Care contracts. Some of his experience include; financial budgeting, MS Excel spreadsheets, database management, risk management, project management, business process documentation, business process improvement, control testing, project planning, and project execution. 

Some of Stevens other abilities include:

  • Maintaining Client-Server application, using Oracle for TOAD database administration application.

  • Maintains Oracle supplied packages,Dynamic SQL, Data Records and PL/SQL Tables.

With Steven’s wealth of knowledge in IT Consulting, he will leverage his budgeting and database experience as the Treasurer for Sacred Seeds Inc.

Phone: 571-330-3765


Gregory A. Newman                        Director of Strategic Growth

Gregory lends his expertise in business strategy and agribusiness consulting in his role at Sacred Seeds, Inc. Having spent five years in the transportation and logistics industry, Gregory has vast experience driving corporate synergies for every leg of the supply chain. Looking to shift his career to have more front line impact, Gregory enjoys using his passion for agricultural cultivation instilled in him from a young age to promote sustainable growing practices and increasing availability to fresh and nutrient rich crops, including Ginger and Soybean Value Chains in Myanmar and Microgreens with Sacred Seeds in The United States.

Phone: 610-203-4873
Email: Gregory.Newman                                     


Samuel Snyderman                         Community Outreach    

Samuel has joined Sacred Seeds to engage in our community relations department.  In his hometown School District of Marple Newtown, Samuel is Community Outreach Director for the broadcast company Tigers Radio Network. Upon returning to Temple University after working 10 years he now has the opportunity to learn and work with Sacred Seeds full-time to enhance our ability to Educate, Nourish and Empower! So if anyone is interested in supporting Sacred Seeds with Volunteer opportunities, Partnerships, and Donations, be sure to contact Samuel!

Phone: 610-608-3441