We enhance communities through education, sustenance and self-sustainability


1.2 billion of the Earth's people live in poverty and poor health. Lack of food, water, and income are the main reasons for this. We aim to bring income-generating resources and technology as well as nourishment to underserved communities so that they may thrive for generations to come.This is not an easy goal but we are up to the challenge! However, we also know that we are all collectively co-creating what we hope for ourselves and our Earth.
That is why we need YOUR help. 


Sacred Seeds has three main goals:


Sacred Seeds will identify the specific nutrient deficiencies of under served areas and cultivate the produce that will fulfill that need. Our goal is to nourish the youth and communities while promoting food awareness and enhancing access to clean and organic food.

•Identify and assess prominent nutrient deficiencies in local communities (where?)(why?)
•Develop highly-interactive curriculum based on sustainable living and agricultural concepts
•Host events and workshops at our "Seed Labs" and "Sacred Spaces" to expand awareness and knowledge

By promoting social empowerment and self-sustainability, we can:

•Create stronger collaborative connection in communities
•Create income-generating resources for under-served communities
•Gain knowledge and awareness of communal, economic and health benefits of urban agriculture
•Create additional resources and experiences for schools to utilize and implement in their own curriculum
•Decrease carbon footprint and help communities become more energy-efficient
•Create a culture of "conscious-living" that maximizes the potential of ourselves and our environment for generations to come



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